D.N.A: Destined – N – Anointed

Soul-fired Worship led by the Spirit to give glory to God. DNA unites the community of believers in Real Worship and celebration of praise and worship clip artthe Eternal Savior Jesus.One of the primary purposes we were created was to express authentic Worship to God. REAL WORSHIP comes from inward expressions of love through displays of outward creativity. We believe there are many forms of Real Worship and we encourage free expression of Worship. Contact: praisenworship@mynewbeginning.co

praise dance clip art3D: Dancers of Divine Deliverance

Mission: Use dance to win souls for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God.”But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life, “Romans 6:22.  Contact: 3D@mynewbeginning.co

men united clip artMen of Commission

Mission: To reach men in order to connect them to God and His purpose; enabling us to live fruitful & productive lives in Christ.  Motto: God has placed it in capable hands. “United in Battle.” (Romans 6:5-6).  Contact: pastorjoecherry@mynewbeginning.co

Women of Integritywomen united clip art

Mission: To meet the unique spiritual needs of women and to empower them to become passionate and strong women of integrity.  Motto: Women of Integrity is who we are, what we say and what we do. (Prov. 20 :17).  Contact: WOI@mynewbeginning.co

kids worship clip artShabach Squad Kids

Mission: To support God’s plan for the partnership of church & family by providing children with a deep understanding of belief in Jesus. Through interactive learning and continued development we strive to make a lasting impact that will affect generations to come.  Motto: It’s easier to build boys & girls than to repair men…we will teach and train our children in the admonition of our Lord Jesus. (Deut. 6:7). Contact: shabachsquad@mynewbeginning.co

YA worship clip artChosen Youth Ministry

Mission: To empower this Generation to fulfill God’s Plans & Purposes for their lives.  Motto: For many are called, but few are Chosen.  (Matthew 22:14).  Contact: chosen@mynewbeginning.co